Data Entry – Tips on How to Subcontract Data Entry Jobs


Everyday companies are handling huge volume of internal and external information related to company operation. To ensure smooth and efficient handling of this information would mean the employment of full-time in-house data entry personnel with competitive salary and benefits. If your company can find a strategy that will help you increase revenue, lessen operational costs and enhance quality of work output why not try it? More and more companies nowadays are employing home based data entry specialists and do you want to know how?

Data entry is not a core office work but still it requires attentive, smooth and efficient handling because the job involves the handling of client information, internal company documentation, order processing and the like. You have to be sure that you have subcontracted or outsourced the job to a reliable and efficient data entry provider otherwise your company will be compromised.

There are many individuals providing freelance however, since they operate unregulated you are not assured that they received proper training and there will be a third party who will act as intermediary should problems arise. Hence, it is therefore much better to search job sites or manpower pooling sites and programs for subcontracted and outsourced jobs such as Odesk. There are also programs in the country such as the National Data Entry their subscribers are specifically trained to do the job and you may enlist your company as a job provider.

In employing a home based service provider you have to ensure that your provider has fast internet access to insure that there will be no problems in the telecommuting of information. Next, though the job do not require high educational attainment it is important that you know that the person you are going to employ has the ability to follow instructions, can make decisions based on good judgment, has respect for deadlines in the submission of work assigned and most of all has the right work attitude. Another thing is know how your data entry provider will handle very important company and client information. It is very important that information security standards will be followed to protect your trade secrets and clients.

If you wish to save money at the triple fold you may try outsourcing work to countries such as Philippines, Singapore and India. These countries have so many qualified service providers who can do the job at the lowest rate–$1.00 per hour. These countries are known for their hardworking and educated service providers. They have strong grasp in the English language and with very strong work ethics.

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