For fashion enthusiasts, a fashion career can seem like a dream job; an opportunity to influence society and change the way a nation dresses for the day and evening. A fashion career can certainly be fascinating – allowing you to make creative choices every day, work with your hands, and mix in social circles filled with the rich and glamorous. But don’t let it ever be said that a fashion career does not require a significant amount of hard work – and a vast amount of skill.

Entering a fashion career begins with an innate ability to create unique and functional clothing styles and effectively communicate them on paper. For those for whom this ability comes naturally, it is important to supplement their skills with a formalized education. It is essential that anyone interested in a fashion career attend an accredited fashion schooling program that will address the fundamentals of fashion including design, drawing, textiles, sewing, and manufacturing. This fashion career education will be the core of your training on which you can lay the groundwork for experience.

Experience is ultimately the key when it comes to a fashion career. Following school – or even during – it is imperative that you begin a fashion career with an internship or apprenticeship with an established design house. Building a reputable portfolio that demonstrates your talent, skill, and experience is paramount to making a name for yourself in this competitive industry. Work with people for whom you have a respect and learn as much as you can while you have the opportunity. Even better, reputable designers operate within a vast network of equally talented people; you will often have the opportunity to meet and work with other designers as you go.

Building experience such as this can often jumpstart your fashion career and allow you to begin working on independent projects. More importantly, you will build a reputation for yourself and that is, by far, is the most significant thing you can achieve in order to be successful.

For those who have the ability, drive, and determination, a fashion career can be an amazing journey filled with success, self-satisfaction – and great clothes!

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