How to get a good annual return in the stock market

How to get a good annual return in the stock market

When we look at the stock market, we look at stocks that have performed well recently. We assign higher probabilities for these stocks to get good returns again. There are some prejudices here. The first is survival bias. Whenever we talk about performance, we focus on companies that have succeeded and continue to exist. Those who did wrong and failed are gone, we have no stock prices to follow for those companies.

The answer to the question of return largely depends on recent events. However, some people follow simple rules in which is the higher the recent return, the lower the future return, and vice versa. Generally speaking, if you want to estimate the return on stock investment over a period of time, we recommend that you use an average annual return of 14% and understand that you will experience years of decline and rise.

Regular investment is the key

Regular investment requires a good return in the stock market. All you have to do is be consistent and consistent. Regular savings can bring you profit. If you can’t save as planned this week, please do so next week. You need to understand the demand and supply of an inventory. If there are more shares for sale, you should not buy shares and vice versa. To know if the quantity sold is larger or if the quantity purchased is larger, we cannot rely on the buyer and seller numbers available on the screen. Technical analysis can help determine supply and demand in an inventory.

Every investor has a dissimilar open-mindedness to risk. When an investor invests in the share market, the investor’s capital is exposed to several risks like liquidity risk and inflation risk. These factors point to the option of losing an element of the investor’s invested capital due to a variety of reasons.

Investing in the share market significantly outperformed other types of investments. Moreover, investments in the stock market provide complete control over buying and selling. Regular investment in quality stocks gives a tremendous opportunity to increase the wealth of those who are trying to become reliable investors. 

Invest in the time you need to grow your knowledge and enjoy the power of addition. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Currently, relative to many different indicators, such as earnings, dividends, etc., stock prices are very high. Some critics believe that such a high market value combined with projected slow economic growth is incompatible with a return rate of 8.0%. Before investing, you can learn more stock information at

Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.