Legitimate work from home jobs are more plentiful than ever before, as many businesses are now offering ecommerce as a way of expanding their customer base. With the economy in its current shape, legitimate work from home positions are found all across job boards and websites.

The best place to look for a legitimate work from home job is to go directly to employer’s websites. Under ‘careers’ or ‘jobs’, you will find all current open positions for the company, if this is offered on the site. If there is no section for this on the site, you can always contact the company directly with your resume and a cover letter stressing your search for telecommuting positions. When searching for legitimate work from home jobs on job boards or web searches, use the term ‘telecommuting’. This not only helps you find legitimate work, but also weeds out nationwide jobs that are scams, or false ads that do not offer pay.

Contrary to popular belief, you cannot make hundreds of dollars a day with legitimate work from home jobs. That is unless you are a financial analyst, CEO, accountant or other upper crust professional. For those simply wanting to write or do data entry, the pay would range from $20 to $60 a day, depending on how hard you work. Any legitimate work from home position will never ask you to pay for anything or put up money to begin working. These jobs are not jobs at all, but scams to get your money. When you do pay the small fee, you are sent an email with the same information like the ad you placed, with instructions on how to repost these ads and make money scamming others. These are not jobs, and are illegal.

When you are looking for legitimate work from home jobs, research the company name that is in the ad. Do a general search and see if any ‘SCAM’ pages are generated with the name. Also, check the internet or local phone book, and see if the company is real. Check for a phone number or email address and do a reverse lookup on this information. If this is registered to an individual and not a company, the ad is probably bogus. Check with the BBB or Better Business Bureau in the state that the company is in, and see if there are any complaints against them for false job advertising. This will also alert you to any scams.

Once you have located and researched the legitimate work from home job listings, send out a resume to the ones you are not only qualified for, but interested in. There are always going to be qualifications that must be met from computer programs and experience to internet connection. All companies want to ensure that if they hire you to do a job; you have the equipment and experience to carry it out on their behalf. Remember that even though you work from home, you have to be professional or that job will not be yours for long.

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