Compound Bows – Maintaining Your Investment


Buying a compound is a big investment, its not one you want to make every year and is certainly not one you have to make every year. Even if you’re just getting started, there are compound bows that adjust to grow with you, and depending on your age when you start, may be the only bow you need to buy.

Yes, there are those who need the “latest” and “newest” every year or every other year, but to truly enjoy the sport of archery, you really only need to invest once maybe twice in a compound bow. Now like most things worth investing in, it should be worth investing the time to properly take care of, because the key to a successful hunt is a well maintained bow. So how do you take care of a compound bow?

The first and probably the most important part of taking care of your bow, is purchasing a bow case. When is the last time you spent a lot of money on something and left it set outside in the elements? In the back of your truck or hanging in your garage is not a good place for this investment. Excessive heat, dampness, dirt and pests, all play a big role in deteriorating your compound bow. Proper storage in either a hard sided case or a soft sided case is very beneficial.

The next thing you should pay attention to, is the Bow Strings and Cables. Bowstrings and cables need to be frequently and regularly waxed. This will help keep them strong and from becoming fuzzy and worn. Inspect your strings and cables after each use and look for signs of “fuzziness” then give them a wax treatment. Get into the habit of doing this and you will be confident that your bow will withstand hunting in damp conditions and your strings and cables will remain strong.

Other areas to pay attention to the axles and bushings, for these you want to use a good bow oil, (you’re manual should have this information) give them a few drops after each outing into the brush. Some compound bows don’t require this kind of lubrication so you want to make sure you check your manual first. Always, always, always check your bow limbs for cracks, dents, or any sign of ware, before and after you shoot. And then always have a professional look at and fix the problem. Your warranty should cover this. Never try to fix this on your own.

And then check limb bolts and tighten any that are loose, a simple set of Allen wrenches is all you need. Finally, wipe down your compound bow of any dirt and grime from the days outing. By doing this each and every time you use your bow will keep you confident of its ability to perform well, and will help in making your investment last for years to come.

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