Designing a Real Estate Intranet Portal with Al Rafay Consulting


If you’re an experienced realtor and want to grow your business, here are three ways to do it. It all comes down to your expertise and experience. Regardless of the size of the operation, the best way to get information is to ask questions and study.

All real estate agents and their branch managers need real-time market information in order to make the most informed decisions possible. Each employee within the team has different needs and should be met accordingly.

An agent may need to see localized statistics, while a branch manager may need information about the larger local market, as well as his own branch’s data.

Connecting data through SharePoint intranet

A real estate intranet that efficiently brings together the information and apps the different real estate players need can be a challenge. If your organization manages real estate properties, you’ll be able to connect property data across departments and increase productivity by making better decisions, and reducing cost and risk.

This article explains what you need to know to create and deploy a portal in just a matter of days. This will save your IT department and your users time and help to make your life easier.

Data management is the key to quick property sale

Real estate is a very competitive industry. A good agent is someone who manages to make sure their client’s property is sold quickly and for the most amount of money possible. The size of the operation doesn’t matter, but the quality of the information does.

Real estate agents need access to real-time information on the market in order to make the most informed decisions about selling and buying properties. A marketer may need to access information about local trends, while a branch manager may need information about regional or national trends.

An efficient real estate intranet can be a big benefit to all the players, including home sellers, buyers, agents, developers, and property managers. It can also be a big help for the different branches, and they can use it on all their devices. By helping your IT department to do just that, Al Rafay Consulting will provide a quick, efficient way for your IT department to make things easier for you.

Easy solutions for a complex business

Although SharePoint development companies still have the capacity to manage code and extensions the same way they would in SharePoint, developers should start to use the tools and methodologies provided by Visual Studio Online and the Azure DevOps platform.

For a more complex business, IT can replicate a portal and site collection across multiple sites in a larger real estate operation quickly and easily. This ensures that the solutions available to one branch of the operation are available throughout, meeting the same compliance standards, but at the same time allowing individual users the ability to customize their layout.

Also, since there is no coding on the front end, the occurrence of bugs is greatly reduced. You can save time and manpower and at the same time improve the performance of your eCommerce website. Here is where the design canvas comes in. Our design canvas is the framework through which users interact with the SharePoint experience.

When designing a SharePoint site, a user interface (UI) designer can drag in and drop different web parts, each imbuing the SharePoint portal with varying functionality. With the design canvas in wireframe view, you can render each object as a black and white wireframe. This allows you to see your design more clearly and allows you to quickly move around and experiment with your ideas.

You can create SharePoint sites from scratch or use SharePoint Designer to add new features and functionality to an existing site.

 Al Rafay Consulting can help you

Al Rafay Consulting is a world-class team of experts who help your IT department access the powerful functionality of Microsoft SharePoint. If you want to create an effective intranet to engage employees, we can show you how to do it. This solution from Al Rafay Consulting is the SharePoint development and all solutions. It’s layered and incorporates the functionality of Microsoft with the tools you need for your employees to access information and stay engaged.

Al Rafay Consulting’s real estate intranet sits atop SharePoint and provides users with a layer of intuitive UI to access SharePoint’s permission settings, list storage, site collections, and information architecture. In this way, your IT department, or even competent end-users, can change the look and feel of a SharePoint portal or multiple site collections without the need for front-end SharePoint coding.

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