Learning about the challenges in the day trading profession

Top Reasons Forex Traders Fail

Trading is the smartest profession in the world where you just need to enter and exit the market. Now anyone can think that trading is really easy but it is not true. Analyzing the market and finding out the potential entry and exit points need years of practice. When new traders join the trading industry, they often try to focus on big moves because the more moves they can get, the more money they can earn. Actions like causes the new traders to think that day trading is a very easy task and it is a quick way of getting rich. 

Day trading can indeed boost your income in a greater way. But you have to analyze the market strategically. Day trading is not an easy task and it needs years of practice to grab a hold on it. In this article, we are going to talk about few difficulties that a day trader faces. 

Day trading success rate

Day traders are those traders who usually do not keep their trades open for multiple days. So finding a potential signal which will give a good profit is very hard to find because not all the pairs make the same kind of movements. This is why most day traders face net loss just because their trades do not make enough profit in a day. Before any trader wants to be a day trader he or she must need to understand the risk of day trading. They should also eliminate the thoughts like day trading is very easy. 

Making a profitable strategy 

One of the most common reasons for losing money is most traders do not have any solid trading strategy. Staring at the chart for hours before making an entry or exit is never a good method for trading. You need to build such a strategy that will help you to understand all kinds of market conditions so that you can understand when you need to stay away from the market. If you find it hard, you may start trading with the demo account. Try it out here and enhance your trading skills without risking any real money.

A good strategy will help you to take proper action before any potential opportunity is created. So when you are making a strategy then your main goal should be you just need to build such a strategy that is going to give you an indication by analyzing the chart pattern and trends for a positive result. 

Spending time on the practice

Many amateur traders often do not understand that becoming a day trader needs lots of practice. You cannot be a trader in a day without God-gifted trading skills. But if you just put few hours a day to practice on day trading and think that you can be a successful day trader, you are thinking wrong. Traders need to practice day trading through a demo account until they can make a continuous profit. 

If you are doing any job and you want to be a day trader then don’t quit the job before you start to earn enough from trading. Because at the beginning of the day trading business, traders often fail to earn potential income which can replace your daily job payment. 

Greed and Fear

Greed and fear are the two common reason why most of the trader lose their trading balance. This trait also influences while a trader is trading. Greed leads a trader to take a trading decision too soon. Keeping a profitable trade open for a longer period to gain more or not cutting a losing trade in the hope can also lead to failure. 

On the other hand, fear leads a trader to make the trading decision very slowly. Closing a profitable trade without having potential gain or closing a trade too early before it can go in favor of him can hard to risk to reward ratio. So if any trader wants to be successful then he must need to avoid become greedy and afraid. 

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