Things You have to Consider when Getting Wholesale Diamonds Engagement Rings

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Diamonds are being in demand in the market because of engagement rings. Engagement rings have become traditional and it is still being practiced until now. Girls love getting surprised with a diamond engagement ring and so men are making an effort to get the best diamond engagement for their partners. That’s why businessmen who are into diamond business would want to get wholesale diamonds engagement rings that are of good quality. 

Select the Best Diamond Producer 

When dealing with a diamond wholesaler, look at their background.Knowing about the source of your diamonds is important because you can tell if the diamonds are 100% legit. Before dealing with them check their credentials via online since most businesses are now using technology to market their products and interactions with customers can also be seen there. You can check testimonials or reviews done by their previous customers to know if they have more positive than negative feedback. By checking on their company website you can also see their credentials such as certificates, permits and other legalities that can prove that they are indeed legit. 

Visit their Physical Store

Having a physical store can assure you that you can check the diamonds before purchasing them, especially if we are talking about wholesale. Checking on the actual product will be far better than just merely browsing it from the internet. 

Check Quality of Diamonds

Being familiar with the 4cs of diamond can help you find better diamonds to buy. Familiarize yourself with the things you have to look into diamonds when buying them. Here are some factors to consider when selecting diamonds to sell:

Diamond’s Shape 

Diamond comes in many shapes, shapes are important since it is one of the characteristics that makes an engagement ring unique. Find out the most common shape used for engagement rings or better yet make sure that the company your buying from is equipped with someone who can cut diamonds  smoothly according to the shape your customers desire.  

Diamond’s Color

Diamond’s color are graded from D to Z, with D being the colorless ones. Customers prefer colorless diamonds, but they are the most expensive color of diamonds. So Nearly colorless ones can be the nearest alternative since their colors are not obvious , this category falls under G to J. 

Diamond’s Carat

Diamonds are priced per carat , know the preference of your customers on how many carats do they wish their engagement ring to be. In this way you can get wholesale jewelry engagement rings according to the carats that majority people are looking for. Each diamond shape has a certain carat standard that can determine whether it is within the recommended size or not. Ask advice from a skilled jeweler to be able to get the specific measurement for each carat. 

Diamond’s Clarity 

Diamonds that are flawless are the best choices, however flawless diamonds are hard to produce and so very very slightly flawless can be good enough for engagement rings. For some diamonds flaws are only visible under magnification. Therefore, as long as the diamond is flawless to the naked eye it can be a good replacement for flawless ones. 

Diamond Fluorescence

Diamonds that create fluorescence under UV light will not be good for wholesale purchase. Since these diamonds can affect the quality of the diamond’s sparkle, the blue tint will be obvious and it will affect the brilliancy of the diamond. So before buying those diamonds check them under UV light. 
When purchasing wholesale diamonds for sale, it will be a wise move to check on all the factors necessary to be able to ensure that the diamonds are of standard quality. Since you are investing it will be fine to be meticulous when choosing a shop to get your diamonds. Differentiating wholesale and retail diamond prices can also be helpful, in this way you can have an idea how much you are going to gain once you sell your diamond engagement rings. Purchasing wholesale diamonds engagement rings should require skills in order to determine which one is to be considered or not. Be wise and deal with producers who can serve as a partner you can trust.