What Is The Ideal Pith Roof For Solar Panels In Jackson Mississippi

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In having your solar panel installed there are factors to consider getting the best installation needed in your area. Like for instance, what is the ideal pith roof for solar panels in Jackson Mississippi? Getting the right measurement can affect the overall function of the solar panel system. Mississippi solar panels can get more energy since Mississippi in general gets sunny days almost all year round. 

How Much Does It Cost To Go Solar In Jackson Mississippi?

The average rate of a solar panel is $2.76 per kilowatt-hour (kWh).  The cost of the entire solar panel system will depend on the solar energy your home needs. Solar panel providers need to visit the area to be able to conduct an inspection on the measurement of the area as well as the location where solar panels will be installed, which is usually on the roof. 

What Is The Best Roof Pitch For Solar Panels?

In making a solar panel get to function at its maximum capacity the following factors should be considered:

Tilt Angle of the Solar Panel 

Tilting the solar panel to the proper angle can make it absorb more energy from the sun. A 30 degrees angle shows a more effective way of absorbing energy as done by researchers. So solar providers would usually do all the measuring of angles necessary on your roof. It is good enough to get energy from the sun. 

Directions of Solar Panel 

Where should solar panels face east, south, north or west? Study shows that it may vary some solar panels can be more productive if facing different directions and some may be even more productive when laid flat. That’s why getting the best solar panel installer in your area is important, so they can do the calculation of measurement for you and inspection is needed to determine what will be the best direction for your solar panel. For a north-facing roof tilting it at 40 degrees has been shown to collect more energy. 


If space is limited, flatting the panels can only be the remedy, it still can collect energy however maintaining it can be challenging. Get your solar panel provider’s advice to get a more definite answer since they can be able to tell what other option is possible. 

Can You Use Solar Panels In Jackson Mississippi?

Yes, more and more solar power companies are putting up their business to cater the solar needs of residences in Jackson, Mississippi. Jackson city has 25% more sunshine per year compared with other cities which means getting a solar panel system will be ideal. By having one it can generate almost 100% of the power your home needs which means a lower electricity bill for you. 

Are Solar Panels Worth It In Jackson Mississippi?

With the incentives and benefits you can get that will be a yes. Here are some of it:

  • Residents who decide to have solar panel installation can get a 26% federal tax credit as long as the solar installation is taken under a loan. 
  • You can save up to $50,000 savings from not paying skyrocketed bills every month, you may have to spend a big amount of money for your solar panel but look how much you can save for the 25 years or more of usage. 
  • Utility bill increase is not applicable if you are utilizing solar power. Sun is a renewable source which means it can never be scarce and an increase in solar rate is less likely to happen. 
  • Net metering is also being required in Mississippi which means you can get rebates if your solar power excess goes to the grid. 

Hope we have clarified your question on what is the ideal pith roof for solar panels in Jackson Mississippi? There are several factors to consider but having a solar panel installed in your place will be worth it. With all the benefits you can reap, all the money you use will return in a span of 5 to 7 years on average. A solar panel is a good investment since it will not only change your power source but will also change your perspective in life. Using solar power is good for the environment and by using it you are helping nature recover by lessening the toxic gasses being released from fossil fuels that are a common source of electricity. 

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