7 Top Personal Development Tools for Be Your Own Boss Jobs


Individuals in network marketing know that achieving top levels of success starts with having a mindset for success. Top achievers spend daily time in personal development. Personal development helps you develop the attitudes, actions, and techniques that help jump start results. Below are the top 8 personal development sources for people with be your own boss jobs.

Books – Look at the New York Times bestseller list and one will see a multitude of books with be your own boss ideas to create greater success. And now, reading books is even easier with the introduction of Kindle readers, an electronic device that lets you read books electronically. Kindle Books can be read on your iPhone or iPod touch too so it’s easy to download a book and take it with you on the go.

Seminars – Attending workshops and seminars is another way to improve performance for be your own boss jobs. When individuals attend a seminar, they walk away with new skills and motivation that gives you a real edge on your performance.

Weekly meeting/calls – Most network marketing or direct sales companies list on their be your own boss website a weekly conference call that distributors can attend. Calling in for these calls keeps you connected to what is going on with the company and new releases. It also provides an opportunity to hear what top people are doing to generate results within that company.

Podcasts – If you are looking for be your own boss ideas to stay on top of your game, there are a number of podcasts online available for free. A podcast is a series of audio or video broadcasts that are published online. Many authors and experts in the field offer free online audios that can be downloaded and played on a computer or ipod.

Upline – Another source of training and motivation is the director or upline member who recruited someone onto the team. Reach out to them via email, phone, or skype. Ask if they have an accountability program. They are willing to support people who are serious about wanting more out of their be your own boss jobs.

Coach – Hiring a business coach or direct sales coach can provide new insights to help someone soar in their be your own boss jobs. A business coach helps individuals with sales, marketing, and team building. They also provide guidance, support, accountability and encouragement. Ask for a referral from colleagues to find someone with good credentials.

Websites – There are online organizations for direct sales professionals. Look for Be Your Own Boss websites online. Some have free membership. Others have paid memberships. An online community such as that offers a multitude of teleseminars, articles, and other resources to improve your skills.

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