VoIP Resellers Make Little Investment in Voice Over Services


VoIP resellers who already have a wide clientele base can start up a resale voice over business with very little up front capital. As voice over telecommunications continue to grow, businesses and residences are taking advantage of the cheaper options provided by VoIP technology. Businesses enjoy the money saving benefits of being able to reduce the number of phone lines and being able to conduct international business without having to pay the high fees of traditional phone companies.

With VoIP providers willing to work with both large and small businesses, entrepreneurs can take advantage of wholesale VoIP services. These services offer the VoIP technology, including the hosting and maintenance, directly to businesses, but they also allow retailers to purchase the service and resell it at a markup to consumers.

Investing in VoIP Services

When you invest in voice over technologies you can offer your clients SIP termination, SIP trunking, and international DID numbers. The upside is that you are offering these services at a considerable markup to what you paid for them. VoIP resellers help increase their company’s revenue by buying the telecommunication services at reduced or wholesale prices and marking them up for resale.

Because you aren’t responsible for hosting the service, maintaining the infrastructure, or managing the customer service aspect of the business, you initial investment is quite low. For company’s who aren’t interested in branding their VoIP services under their own name, the investment is even lower.

Who Benefits from Reselling Telecommunication Services?

Anyone with a client base can resell VoIP technology. Internet businesses are just one arena for making money from this market. People who specialize in computer software and hardware can make a small investment in VoIP communications by offering it as a bundled option with other software and hardware.

Owners of coffee shops can set themselves apart by offering voice over calls as part of their Internet cafe. By making a small investment in wholesale VoIP, you can offer your cafe customers the opportunity to make international calls from yoru location for a reduced rate from traditional phone charges.

Call centers can also take advantage of these services by opting to move their current centers to the VoIP provider. The provider’s services then allow you to sell calling cards, provide phone to PC services, and increase productivity for clients. With more people wanting to take advantage of VoIP technology, VoIP resellers can be anyone who has a client base that would benefit from voice over services.

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