The Advantages of Redesigning a Website


Presumably every industry in the world endorses upon World Wide Web interaction to advertise and distribute information a product or a service.

In the world of business securing a website and domain has almost become a necessity – from small independent businesses to large commercial organisations, they all use the internet to communicate and trade effectively.

Investing in a fully compliant website provides an endless list of advantages, some of which are:

§ Advertising – increasing your brand awareness on a global scale

§ Trading – ecommerce systems compliment existing trading methods increasing revenue indefinitely

§ Accessibility – you are easily accessible to a wider demographic and a higher percentage of your target market

Ecommerce has proven to be such a profitable addition to business that there are now many businesses that operate only ‘online’.

Price comparison websites such as would not have transpired if ecommerce hadn’t made such a positive impression on our economy. Incidentally Simon Nixon, founder of is officially one of Britain’s highest earners according to a survey of earnings by the BBC carried out in January 2008.

A prime reason for having a website designed and to keep it up to date is to join and excel beyond your competitors. No matter what industry you are in other businesses within your sector are bound to be offering their services via the internet in the form of an up-to-date website.

How to go about getting a new website

Acquiring a website is only worthwhile if done so properly, using a recommended web design agency that offers a full SEO (search engine optimisation) service is a good starting point. Don’t be tempted by agencies offering cheap packages as you will often find yourself left with a standard looking site that may not generate a profit.

In order to get the best out of a website in terms of functionality it must be constructed with a plan and means in mind; what is your reason for investing in a website? What functions do you require? A good reputable agency should then help you make more personal decisions such as how visitors navigate around your site down to preferred colour schemes etc.

What do I do if my existing website has become outdated?

Easy, search for a web design agency that not only designs websites but also offers a web hosting service – this is a simple way of keeping your site updated with current news and events and is a fantastic way of ensuring that your site remains modish.

There are many new ‘add-on’s’ that have become popular in recent years that may not have been available at the time of your existing site’s construction. These services include internal communication systems (intranet), ecommerce, blog posting, forums etc.

Redesigning a website also entices new visitors and provides existing customers with a reason to browse your site more regularly. Keeping your site fresh and up to date is pivotal for most businesses as a website is sometimes the only form of communication a customer has with you. A website says more about your company than you may first think – your website provides an overall perception of your business, hence the reason in making sure your site remains fully interactive and professional.

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