The Brand Stuart Baggs – Badly Handled or Done a Favour?


Stuart Baggs has accomplished a level of infamy since the current series of the BBC Television show The Apprentice hit our Television screens. At only 21 years old the young entrepreneur he’s already proved himself to be a profitable businessman running the successful Bluewave telecommunications company on the Isle of Man.

Frequently referring to himself as ‘The Brand Stuart Baggs’ and sometimes displaying  a cocky and loud personality, he didn’t always get on with the other contestants in the show, but this produced first rate TV, and despite not becoming popular with the general public Stuart captured their fascination and viewers tuned in.

Reality TV shows necessitate powerful characters to be entertaining and Stuart was genuinely entertaining as viewers tuned in week after week to see if this could be the week that he was despatched home following getting fired.

In reality, Stuart Baggs was in no way likely to win the show, but he did do fairly well reaching the penultimate episode of the series, only for your misunderstanding over which telecommunication licenses he holds led to an assumption that he had lied about facts on his CV, leading to a scene of pure TV Gold with Lord Sugar dramatically and angrily sacking him with the now infamous expression “..full of shit, basically..”

With hindsight Lord Sugar would doubtless admit that he was slightly harsh on Stuart who did present a few glimpses of why he’s discovered good results.

But, however, like other reality Telly contestants a dramatic exit can bring about a silver lining, and this can be observed making use of the search analysis tool Google Insights for Search, which could be used to display the trends in keyword searches.

Stuart may not be a brand himself but he clearly is socially relevant to the press at the moment, and his firm is finding an elevated level of interest, so perhaps Lord Sugar did him a favour.

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